Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre post-industrial waterfront site stretching 1.3 miles along  East River edge that spans from Jay Street, north of the Manhattan bridge, to Pier 6 and Atlantic Avenue in the South. It hosts some of the best views NYC  has to offer.


(Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

Why we love it? These two areas are located at the tip of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo andmelt into each other. It hosts panoramic views,  beautifully landscaped lawns, rocky framed paths and magnificent views. Pebble beach and Jane's carousel are in this area. Cons: It's all so beautiful that it can be hard to pick a spot. Also the noise: trains rumble loudly over the  Manhattan Bridgeabove but let's face it, New York is not famous for it's peace and quiet:)

Walk-able locations for pictures after you tie the knot

These are just a mere few of the fabulous Photo opportunities that you'll be entitled to in honor of your recent lifetime vow to each other.

Pier 1 Granite Prospect

Why we love it?  These huge rugged bleacher style steps climb up into an intimate area surrounded by lush plants and trees which lead down to the East river, complete with it's majestic views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. A  processional can be made from either the top or the bottom and if you haven't seen each other beforehand and a first look is what you want, you'll get it.  The steps are built from granite salvaged from the Roosevelt Island Bridge reconstruction project: the perfect "something old" accessory for your wedding day. Cons: None that come to mind.

On the Brooklyn Bridge

Why we love it: The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest most beautiful suspension bridges in the United States that connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River. The views are magical and when the lights blink on at sunset, it is surreal. The cons: It can be busy as it is the most pedestrian friendly bridge in New York. Then again, New York is not a place that is known for it's small population.