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Central Park Locations

Pavilion Facing Bow Bridge

Number of Guests: 20 Why we love it? This Pavilion is not listed on the map, nor does it have a name. Luckily I created a pin so you can find it. It has a spectacular view of Bow Bridge, is more remote and less crowded  and willprovide shelter from rain or snow. The Cons: None really, only that you can't get a permit for it as it has no name.

Bow Bridge

Number of guests: 25 Why we love it?  Not only is it one of the of the most iconic Central Park landmarks but the  view of the Manhattan Skyline towering above the trees behind the water has made it many a photographer's muse. This is a perk for your wedding pictures. The cons: It does not offer as much privacy as other Central Park locations so If you don’t mind potential park-goers, joggers or ogglers passing by your wedding, this is a beautiful location.

The Cop Cot  

Number of guests: 50 Transalation: little house on the crest of a hill’ in Scottish dialect. Why we love it? Cop Cot gives you fantastic views of the NYC skyline and the park at the same time. It offers privacy during your wedding and provides some protection from a light rain or snow. The Cons: Can't think of any

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace

Number of Guests: 25 Why we love it:  Bethesda Fountain is the focus of Bethesda Terrace.  It is one of the best-known spots in Central Park with the famous Angel of the Waters statue on the top.  It located down beautiful stone steps that can provide an excellent grand entrance for a processional. Ceremonies can be held by the fountain or under the shelter of the Lower Passage with its beautiful mosaic tiled ceiling and a strong possibility of a talented Jazz musician that for a tip, may provide impromptu music for your ceremony The Cons: Because of its fame, it is a very busy spot and even gaining a permit would still allow the public to pass by and congratulate you (Not always a bad thing)

Strawberry Fields

Why we love it? Strawberry Fields is a living memorial to the world-famous singer, songwriter and peace activist – John Lennon so for those hard core Beatle's fan's wishing to tie the knot, this may be the perfect spiritual spot. The memorial is shaded by stately American elms and lined with benches. The Cons: No weddings on the weekends and it is very close to the Park entrance. However, if you happen to be there after your ceremony on a Saturday or Sunday, you will be treated to some complimentary Beatle's renditions  by some random talented musicians.

Belvedere Castle

Number of Guests: 30 Why we love it: Belvedere Castle Terrace offers panoramic views of the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond and the city skyline and offers some protection from the wind and snow. The Cons: You can't actually get married in the castle but this doesn't stop you from heading to the top of the castle after the ceremony with your photographer in tow.

Gapstow Bridge

Number of Guests: 20 Why we love it:  Gapstow Bridge is perfect for small weddings. The stone bridge that curves over the pond looks gives off country chic vibes which contrast nicely to the vast views of the city beyond. You also have choices, you can get married on the stone bridge itself, or on a small patch of grass near to the Pond, with the bridge framing you behind. The Cons: Gapstow Bridge is tight and can seem crowded with a large party.

Ladies' Pavilion

Number of Guests: 25 Why we love it:  Ladies’ Pavilion is a beautiful spot for a wedding with stunning views of The Lake. It is located in a more secluded area of Central Park and offers protection from the elements so you can hold your ceremony rain or shine! There are also little nooks and large rocks that can provide many photo opportunities. The Cons: It is the most popular wedding spot in Central Park, hands down! During Spring and Fall, you need a permit, no matter how small your party is. Also if kids dressed in their wedding attire are part of your ceremony, climbing the rocks may appear to be too irresistible.

Wagner's cove

Guest Count: 15 Why we love it: It is the most private location for wedding ceremonies in Central Park as it is  tucked away into a shady corner of the Lake. The rustic wooden shelter has seats on either side and provides protection from rain. The steps leading to it from Cherry Hill are hidden between trees and provide a secluded path for a beautiful grande entrance. The Cons: The steps that lead to it from the main pathway  can get slippery when wet and the ground is slightly uneven, which can be bad for heels. Still my personal favorite!

Shakespeare garden

Guest Count: 25 Why we love it? This four acre flower garden is especially romantic as each type of Bloom is mentioned in Shakespeare's plays and poems. The garden is on a steep slope with several paved pathways and rustic benches. The top of the gardenhosts a large stone bench in the shade. At the bottom of the garden  there is a wooden platform with a bench. The steps leading up to it lend themselves as a lovely processional platform. The cons: Traffic noise can be heard from one of the roads that runs through the park and of course it's seasonal as these English flowers look their best during the Spring and Summer

Conservatory Garden