Photo by JC Lemon 

Photo by JC Lemon 



We are a group of good people who officiate weddings because it brightens our lives. Our passion for marrying couples will shine in your ceremony, but the real light is you. We will listen to your ceremony needs, your feelings about marriage and most excitingly (especially for us) your unique love story. 

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Once we understand your needs and desires we will offer suggestions, share ideas and lead you through a guideline of all the parts that constitute a wedding ceremony. Each section has many options so you'll be able to pick the words that define marriage on your wedding day. We are happy to customize any wording and add personal details, if you so wish.  We can also incorporate customs and traditions passed down from your family tree or suggest entirely new ones that we have picked up along the way.

Our ceremonies range from civil, spiritual, romantic, religious and traditional.  We marry same sex couples, renew vows for long time romantics and marry eloping couples from all over the world. New York City  beckons l we know all the hidden beauties that the city has to offer.  We are all ordained and can legally sign Marriage licenses in The state of New York. We also handle the paperwork at the end and nothing gets lost under our watch.


Getting engaged is a very new exciting experience for couples. Even if it's not your first, it's a different relationship, a new love story, a new life together! However the pending wedding can also lead to some throwing their hands up in the air due to the amount of decisions that have to be made. We make the ceremony based decisions as calming and enjoyable  for you as we can. We've designed very user friendly tools to help you along in addition to our personal guidance. 

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Photos By Samm Blake

Photos By Samm Blake

This world is a big melting pot and people from different religions, countries and cultures are constantly falling in love. We'll ask you about your family's feelings towards your marriage.  There may be no conflict, but if there is, we have many ideas of how to make everybody happy. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and unfortunately sometimes they differ. A wedding is a celebration of love and we can  still design a ceremony that is in sync with your views without disrespecting any of  your guests.


We cover the five boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. We  also do weddings in Long Island City and upstate New York and the Hamptons.

We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love
— Dr Seuss
Photo by Agaton Strom

Photo by Agaton Strom