Life Coach/Bridal Coach Megan Moran is wonderful

As a student of the Martha Beck Life Coaching program, Megan Moran helps people achieve their goals so they can lead happier and more balanced lives.  After planning her own wedding in the spring of 2013, she realized how much brides could benefit from a Life Coach who focuses on brides and came up with the concept of Bridal Coaching.  Within months of her wedding, she started Something New Coaching with the idea that the moments leading up to the wedding day should be happy, joyful and calm.  Coaching is like having a personal trainer for the soul and Megan works with brides to:

*Discover their priorities  *Deal with the emotion of the details  
*Conserve energy  *Let go of unrealistic expectations  
*Maintain positive relationships  *Focus on the big picture  
*Deal with difficult personalities  *Come up with new approaches  
*Take time out  *Ask for help  *Breath through it all  
*Find and maintain bridal Zen

For more information, please visit:!bridal-coaching/cr2d
Megan can be reached at: (917) 464-3578,