Ring Warming Ceremony

Often times couples like to include a unity ceremony into their wedding.  There are many unique ways to do unity ceremonies for celebrations big and small but this one is a perfect way to include your guests into your ceremony.  It makes for a very inclusive element of the ceremony and further connects the couple with their loved ones in attendance.  

The idea is simple: the officiant makes an announcement prior to the start of the wedding to explain that the wedding bands will be passed around to each guest during the ceremony.  Just prior to the ring exchange, guests are invited to hold the ring and to silently offer a blessing or wish for the newlyweds, then pass them on to the next guest.  Once everyone has had a turn, the rings are returned to the officiant for the ring exchange.  This intimate exchange injects all of the loving energy of the couple’s friends and family into the rings that they’ll be wearing for a lifetime. 

Creative, inclusive and simple, this makes a great addition to weddings!