Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Wedding @ Rebar in Brooklyn

Hollywood Film Noir Themed Wedding
Themed Weddings are always a pleasure to do. As seen here, Rick and Stephanie have a Hollywood Film Noir Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn

Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Themed wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
Rebar is a unique location for indoor weddings. It is located in the heart of Dumbo Brooklyn and offers a variety of options for catering.
Hollywood Film Noir Themed Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
If you have a special theme in mind, don't hesitate to ask us to dress to style!
Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
What makes themed weddings so special is that the ceremony is a lot of fun not only for the bride and groom and their guests, but for us as well!

Wedding Location from Sex and the City

Sex and the City has made many low key Manhattan places a staple for class, elegance and style. The weddings featured on the series have attracted couples local and abroad seeking classy, intimate alternatives to the highly popular Central Park. One featured treasure is the garden where Miranda Hobbs and Steve Brady tied the knot.

Steve and Miranda's Ceremony at Jefferson Market Garden in Sex and the City

The Jefferson Market Garden (Greenwich Village, Manhattan)
This photo taken by Officiant Anabelle highlights the spacious garden grounds

The Garden is beautiful in all seasons and features grounds large enough to accommodate even large wedding parties, but still retains an intimate feel behind its gates. The Garden is open for weddings April through October.

Happy couple Lizzie and Carlos share a nuptial kiss in the garden during their beautiful fall ceremony

The Garden is on Greenwich Ave between 6th and 10th
 To book your ceremony at Jefferson Market Garden, contact the booking manager at: vgpnyc@gmail.com

Ceremonies by Anabelle

Each ceremony is different and unique. Central Park remains one of the most popular locations to perform weddings, however some couples do find some low key treasures around the city to have their weddings at.

Jens and Verena with the Bow Bridge in the Background, Central Park
Kevin and Christy tied the knot in Central Park at an unmarked stone nook overlooking a pond near the Plaza Hotel

Carlos and Lizzie's beautiful intimate ceremony in the Jefferson Market Garden in Greenwich Village

Shana and Ashton's Wedding in the Waldorf Astoria

In Celebration of our LGBT Couples
This couple exchanged vows in their home in the West Village

 Central Park is a favorite spot for couples
This couple exchanged vows in Ladies Pavilion