Central Park Location - Bethesda Fountain

The  centerpiece of Bethesda Terrace, Bethesda Fountain is one of the most recognized fountains in the world. The neoclassical sculpture, also known as The Angel of the Waters, was designed by Emma Stebbins in 1868 and dedicated in 1873, at which point Stebbins became the first woman to receive commission for a major work of art in the city of New York. Whether you choose to wed by the fountain itself or in the shelter of the lower passage with it magnificent tiled ceiling, this is one of Central Parks most loved wedding sites.

In order to get married in Central Park you do not need a permit, unless you have over 20 people in your party.  The permit is $25.  For more information on Central Park locations, ceremony information and our wedding officiant services please call us at 347-268-1331 or go to our website www.officiantnyc.com