Same Sex Marriage Legalized

It is a wonderful time in NY. Same Sex marriage is now legal. You may get the process started at the city clerks website by preparing some of the paperwork.

The law takes effect July 24th. As of right now the city clerks office is going to be open on Sunday the 24th for couples to be able to obtain their licenses. The usual 24 hour waiting period might be waved. I'm not sure if that will happen or not yet. I have been told by the city clerks office to keep watching the news. So the first day that same sex couples might be able to have their ceremony will be July 24th or 25th.

You can also give the city clerks office a call if you have any further questions. The Manhattan office is probably busier than the others. If you have a questions, I would suggest calling one of the other boroughs first.

Manhattan 212-669-2208
Bronx 718-590-5307
Brooklyn 718-802-4107
Queens 718-286-2829
Staten Island 718-816-2290