Serena and Lonnie

Serena and Lonnie had their ceremony at Frankies 457 in Brooklyn. The couple had a great idea to make jam for their guests as wedding favors.

Kimberly Worley is a great officiant! She can perform all different types of services and she took the time to make our service personal and it turned out exactly as we wanted it to be. Not only that, but she offered to help with any last minute details on the day of wedding as well (she offered her video camera, worked with the staff at the restaurant where our wedding was, etc). I would highly recommend Kim for anyone's wedding!

wedding testimonial

Dear Kim,

I wanted to write you, and thank you personally for your exquisite
presence as our officiant.

The material you shared with us for the service gave us such a rich
template to work with, we were able to express everything we felt with a sense of independence while still making a nod to shared traditions...

Then on the day, when I came down late before the ceremony in an
overheated panic, you were instantly like a sister - or a guardian angel -
helping me to salvage my dress, a kindness that made every difference to my sense of composure, as I know you understood (!)

Finally you performed our ceremony with a voice and sense of poetry that expressed every nuance of understanding and purpose that we wished to communicate that day. Your eloquence and sensitivity created the perfect space in that garden for us all to reflect, and express our promises... I honestly can't remember when I ever felt so moved, or at peace, as when I was holding hands with groom and listening to those
beautiful words.

We will never be able to thank you enough for this perfect ceremony -- nor for the sunshine and blue skies, just as you predicted! With most sincere thanks, Kim, and warmest wishes to you for a happy & loving future.