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Officiating weddings is something that I never thought that I'd end up doing, but now that I do it, I can't imagine a life without it. It's been almost ten years and it just keeps on getting better. I cherish each stage of the process: From getting to know my couples, designing ceremonies that speak truly from their hearts, to standing besides them on their wedding day as they vow to love each other forever.  Celebrating other's love has helped me to nurture the better parts of my own self and to cultivate more compassion and understanding for my fellow humans. I have married couples of all faiths, sexual preferences, and cultures. The warming experiences that I have encountered are the best gifts I have ever received.


"Suanne is a lovely human being. She took mine and my husband's story and turned it into a beautiful ceremony. She really got to know us and was very personal and professional on the day. I'm glad we had her there" Reviewed on the Knot by Francesca R  10/16/2017

"Let me start this review with: I never write reviews BUT words can't explain how amazing Suanne Bonan is. We found her browsing the internet because of her amazing reviews. My husband and I worked with her to create the perfect wedding ceremony and, I have a very obsessive-compulsive personality, so I don't use the word perfect when isn't appropriate. It was truly a magical day. Suanne helped us along the way with ideas/recommendations for our special day through emails & video chat. Suanne enjoys every moment of the planning of the ceremony and her love for her job translates into great results. We kept getting compliments of how "cozy", "personal", and "full of joy" our ceremony was. I HIGHLY recommend her, stop looking for another wedding officiant, you just found the best one" Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Yeismel  9/9/17



I’m an energetic and enthusiastic officiant that was born and raised in NYC, but also a well-traveled artist who’s performed around the world. An actor, director/choreographer and playwright with a long career in public speaking & theatre, I love to bring my skills and insight to the wedding industry with verve and spirit. As a writer, it is a joy to create special services for couples based on their interests and lives. I can create a spiritual, religious or non-denominational service in English or Spanish for couples of any pairings and orientation that want to make their day a memorable one.  With my services, I provide comfort, a friendly nature and enthusiasm to make sure that your ceremony will go with ease, clarity and the love and respect that it deserves.  

“From the first conversation with Alex, it felt like I knew him forever. He created a heartwarming and memorable ceremony” Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Erin O’Connell & Aaron Goldberg 5/19/2019

“Alex was the perfect addition to our ceremony. It couldn’t have been more perfect without his experience, listening & insight.” Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Rachel DeBoer 11/05/2019

“His presence and personality, not to mention how he catered the ceremony to fit us personally, was amazing. He has incredible stage presence, with words that were kind, funny and emotional.” Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Mariel Letourneau & Jordan Murphy 12/05/2018



I am an optimistic person, and through being an officiant, I am surrounded by so much happiness. It is unbelievable to experience the joys of love first hand. I am so thankful to have the pleasure of helping couples delve into the reasons they chose to marry in the first place. I feel blessed that these loving experiences are a part of my journey in life. 

"Caitlin was absolutely the best. Getting married in Manhattan is difficult at best, and our special day had a serious snow storm. Half of our plans fell apart. Through all of this Caitlin was a calming presence. She always had a smile. She welcomed everyone and helped organize a very energetic crowd. She was responsive throughout the process of planning. We had a neutral non-denominational wedding, and she was extremely respectful and deferential to our wishes while also helping to guide us and made great suggestions. It wouldn't have been the same without her. I highly recommend her for any service" Reviewed On the Knot 3/30/2017

"We had Caitlin as our officiant for our wedding and she was absolutely wonderful! She came to our first meeting well prepared and was able to answer every question I had. From there, she quickly responded to emails and was incredibly flexible when we had to change our venue. On the day of the ceremony, she arrived early and had everything set to go. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant!" Reviewed On The knot by Emily 2/03/2015



The first wedding that I officiated, was for a friend and ever since that fateful day on 2007, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I have officiated weddings on a beach in Malibu, a manor house in England, on a boat dock in Ohio, a golf course in Massachusetts and countless other fun places. Every wedding is as unique as the couple’s story that brought them there.  Over the years I have been fortunate to work with a diverse group of couples and learned so many beautiful ways a wedding can happen. I look forward to helping you realize the wedding of your dreams in New York City

“My husband and I were so pleased to have Lucas officiate our special day. He took the time to really get to know us and included personal touches in the ceremony that we will always remember. Lucas was extremely professional, likable and engaging, and we would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic officiant for their wedding ceremony. And he’s a helluva dancer” Reviewed by Jamie P



 I  love people and am mesmerized by their stories. No two lives have had identical paths, and the story of how two individuals found each other, fell in love, and are choosing to get married, is the most beautiful story of all. It is a true honor to take part in this kind of storytelling, and to be a part of such an important day in a couple’s life. It is an honor that I do not take for granted!


"Highly, highly recommend! From start to finish, working with Amanda and Officiant NYC was a pleasure and at each step they offered even more than I expected. After finding Officiant NYC online and liking their philosophy and price, I submitted a message and quickly heard back from Amanda, who was happy to schedule a call with me soon thereafter to talk more. I had little time to plan and little ideas to go off of, but Amanda kindly gave me tips and offered up suggestions from her previous officiating experience. In our first call she helped me understand the timeline of getting the ceremony together, offered suggestions on finding and securing a park wedding location, and sent along ceremony ideas so I could start thinking about personalizing our wedding. Closer to the wedding, Amanda met my now-husband and I at a coffee shop in our neighborhood and answered any last questions we had about the ceremony and helped us iron out the details. Amanda's warm presence and enthusiasm for her work settled our last minute wedding nerves and made us really excited for our big day. And Amanda was of course on time and wonderful at the ceremony. I am so grateful we found Officiant NYC and Amanda, who were immensely helpful in making our wedding day special!" Reviewed on Google by Kate 12/15/2017



Being a wedding officiant has become my sanctuary, because no matter what chaos the world produces, I get to see the beautiful side of humanity. A wedding is personal, and there is no way to do this work without feeling emotional. The happiness, love and hope that I experience from each wedding has enriched my life beyond words. 

"Amy was our officiant and was absolutely incredible. Professional and speedy with emails and contact. On the day of the wedding, she was accommodating, relaxed, and nothing but friendly and personable. Thank you Amy for making our big day a piece of cake!" Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Bennett 01/22/2018. 

"Amy officiated our September outdoor wedding and we could not have been happier with the ceremony. Amy was warm, positive and completely professional from our initial meeting over coffee through to the end. She was available for advice on ceremony content and really helped us build the personal ceremony we had in mind. We would definitely recommend Amy!" Reviewed On The Knot by Christina P 10/14/2017

"Amy was perfect! She was attentive and flexible, showed up on time and prepared, and performed our ceremony with ease and grace. We could not have chosen a better officiant for our day!" Reviewed on The Knot by Eugenia on 7/24/2017



I was born in Mexico and raised in Houston, Texas. Spanish is my native tongue and English being just as prominent due to my upbringing. I am bilingual, with French coming up as a close third. Just like my life, New York City has been a melting pot of multicultural experiences and intertwined stories. I feel blessed that I get to hear so many true love stories and use my craft to shape each ceremony to cater to different traditions, cultures, and uniquely beautiful elements of each relationship. I am proud to be a champion for love in all its forms.


 "I had the Chance to speak to 3 different officiants and they’re all lovely and very organized. I want to specially thank Andres for doing my ceremony bilingual, we felt really confortable and enjoyed the experience" Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Rosy 04/15/2018


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As a spanish speaking bilingual actor and performer, l simply love witnessing the love people have for each other. I feel so lucky to have a job where I get to see the very moment couples start the beginning of the rest of their lives. Every wedding is a unique experience and has it's own special quality that no one can replicate, and as an officiant it is my job to make sure that your day is one you will always remember. As a spanish speaking bilingual actor and performer, l simply love witnessing the love people have for each other. I feel so lucky to have a job where I get to see the very moment couples start the beginning of the rest of their lives. Every wedding is a unique experience and has it's own special quality that no one can replicate, and as an officiant it is my job to make sure that your day is one you will always remember. 

We were so happy with Rebecca! My wife and I were of course slightly skeptical about going with someone we found online at first but put those fears to ease!!!!! These people are dedicated, passionate, and Rebecca was one of the easiest and best choices we made for our special day. She helped us create a ceremony that was "done in such good taste" according to one guest, and that really combined both my wife's Catholicism and my Judaism. She also provided incredible suggestions about how to thread the needle for our ceremony and all I can say is she was incredible, terrific, amazing, and there aren't enough adjectives to express our feelings!

Sent on 10/17/2017



As an officiant, I take great pride in being able to create a unique experience that caters to the individuality and distinct voices of each couple.At my core, I am a storyteller, and being an officiant has unlocked a whole new side to the stories that New York City fosters.

"Maria was sweet, nice and simply lovely. Very communicative, a true professional and overall amazing person. Would without a doubt recommend!!!" Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Shgtin 1/11/18

"We were married by Maria and she did a fantastic job. She was very helpful from the start and always quick with her responses. In addition to helping us plan the ceremony she also helped find a location for us since we were coming in from out of town. Can't recommend her highly enough" Reviewed on Google by Zach Teters 12/03/2017



 I grew up in the wedding industry, working in my uncle’s flower shop and from observing the precision that went into crafting a boutonniere, I could feel what it meant to celebrate a marriage. The love, celebration, and enjoyment that I feel while working with my couples and  then standing beside them as they enter the next stage of their relationship, is one of the few opportunities in life where one gets to be surrounded by genuine and inspiring love.

"Casey was just lovely we only met on the day however had spoken on the phone beforehand as we live in Melbourne Australia . She was sincere had everything under control and was so genuine the ceremony we lived her and highly recommend her to anyone planing a wedding in NYC , thanks Casey and NYC Officiants" Reviewed on Wedding Wire by Bev 12/28/17

"Hi Casey, 
 I want to start off by thanking you for everything you contributed to yesterday's segment. Your delivery was eloquent, spiritual, soothing and comforting. It was everything the show could have asked for in an officiant. Nyasia spoke highly of you and Amanda and I thought you were the perfect fit ! I will be sure to recommend you to any fellow producers at the Harry show or any other TV show looking for an officiant" 
email from Harryana Walker-Gould -Associate Producer at NBC 11/18/17