We Love so many photographers that we have had the honor of working with throughout the years.


Why we love working with her?  This best Friend duo boutique photography studio began with, Gina, an award-winning photographer who later welcomed Sheena in after a hefty career working for magazines such as Teen Vogue, Vogue and People StyleWatch. Their combined styles pair industry expertise with raw emotion to produce sincere storytelling photos with dramatic composure.  Most of all, the girls bring with them a unique spirit of effortless fun, friendship and artistic adventure. They love the photographer/couple connection and that they too get to experience the magic of an unforgettable day


Why we Love Working with her?  She photographs people the way they are and the interactions that happen between them. Her photographs reveal hidden smiles, knowing looks, acrobatic moves and interactions that energize your love story.  She also captures the true ambiance of the party in an artistic way that evokes a “sense of place.” 

Why we love working with them? True Photography is a multi-award winning, wedding photography studio, with a small and personal team of elite photographers. You can expect the perfect balance of Candids, Stylized Portraits, Family Portraits, and details, captured in a unique and beautiful way. These talented photographers truly have the "IT" factor. Every shooter is a true artist, with natural ability and raw talent that has been refined over years of training. Their Creativity, attention to detail, composition, lighting skills and technical knowledge transcends their images to the next level. They truly are a dynamic team of individuals. And... they are that are social, professional, fun to be around and truly care about the final product. Your pictures!