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A few years back, I married a lovely couple from the UK, Elizabeth and Hugh. They gave me a poem to include in their ceremony and I was literally blown away. They told me that a friend back home had written it especially for them. They put me in touch and that's how I met Dr Martin Glynn, aka "Doc Martin" Upon finding out more about him, I was humbled by his life's work. (He is a published author, criminologist academic Awarded a 2010 Winston Churchill International Travel Fellowship, this is where I'd like to taslk a bit more about your achievements, maybe link it to your credentials?)


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A word from Martin  about life and writing poetry

writing poetry.


For over 4 decades I have written, performed, and presented my poetry in a diverse range of contexts and situations. It has always been a constant presence in my life, lending my work to the education of others, community campaigns, or sharing some of my insights into the world through the expression of ‘spoken word’. However, one of the most constant and enjoyable areas of my work as a poet has been writing about ‘love’. Maybe because it poses the greatest challenge alongside bringing the most rewards.


A few months back I decided having turned 60 to get married. Years of procrastination, fear of commitment, and generally doing many other things in my life got in the way. In the intervening years I’ve had 3 children, 5 grand-children, and lately become a great grandfather. Alongside those domestic roles I have worked as an academic, children’s author, craft artist, theatre director, and numerous other roles. Of late I’ve returned to my first love of


A chance request from a work colleague who was getting married in New York led me to write a piece called ‘the code’ a comic piece that looked at all of the key things to consider when getting marriage. Little did I know that it would catch on, which has subsequently led to more requests for my poetry to accompany couples about to get marriage.


More importantly, at a time where life can be challenging at times, using poetry as a reminder of the importance of love, commitment, building strong relationships, becomes all the more relevant in our lives. It is for that reason that I am keen to offer prospective couples to take advantage of a unique opportunity of having a bespoke poem created which can read out at your ceremony.


I look forward to working with you


Dr Martin Glynn aka ‘doc martin’

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