Need help selecting the perfect bottle of vintage wine?


I met Mathew, the owner of Heights Chateau, my personal favorite wine store in my Brooklyn neighborhood, a few years back while trying to select a bottle of vintage wine to celebrate my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. My mom’s on the picky side and I wanted a bottle that had aged well, like them. He asked me some questions and I left with a bottle of…….”


Officiant NYC has been continuously growing and I am always thinking of ways to make it better and help our couples as much as we can. The Wine Box Ceremony has always been a favorite and I wanted to help each couple select the perfect bottle for them, learn how to store it correctly (even in the tiniest of New York apartments), know the perfect time frame when it should be drunk.

That's when I decided to go talk to Mathew. He had been hand selecting wines for my personal orders, was always friendly, knowledgeable and had a vast list of credentials to boot.

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He graduating in business from St John’s university in 1976 and after working in his family’s wine store, he began his first formal wine schooling with The New York Wine tasting School and later at the International Wine Center. He joined the other wine lovers in conducting tastings for the Great Neck School of continuing Education and spent the next decade attending tastings, travelling extensively and developing his palate. In 1986 he opened Heights Chateau.

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