Eloped NYC

We are a New York City based wedding officiant group who marries as many locals as we do foreigners. Couples come from all over the world and from all different states in America to get married here.

NYC is the second most popular place to elope in the the United States. Vegas being the first, naturally. So it's no wonder that we  fell in love with Eloped NYC

The reasons we love them:

  1. They know the coolest spots in NYC and will guide you as a local to hidden locations unbeknownst to tourists
  2. They organize EVERYTHING for you!
  3. When I've worked with them, it has been effortless chic. For me and most importantly, for the couple

Eloped NYC is a family of New York City photographers that care about your unique story and how you want it told. They come with a fresh approach to capturing any occasion, and pride themselves on providing incredible imagery that will last a life-time. They work in a relaxed and natural way, no stress or uncomfortable posing, to capture your day!