Question of the moment: why are Australians so cool?! 

This couple flew, with their closest family and friends, from the land down under, all the way across the world, to tie the knot in Central Park. Those are their adorable sons in the background, pointing out all the "snapping turtles" in the pond.

But before any of the nuptials began, the bride and groom had to MacGyver their way through some good old-fashioned New York City traffic.  We heard the bwap-bwap-bwap of sirens through Central Park, and up rolls the groom and his two sons in a cop car (!!!). You can bet those two boys will always remember their parents' wedding. What an entrance! 

Despite her oldest sons' request that the bride wear a sparkly blue, sequined gown to her wedding (that he adamantly insisted she try on when he spotted it through the window of a downtown NYC clothing shop, and then promptly bawled when she didn't purchase it), the bride wore a beautiful beaded cream dress and lilies in her hair.  She looked absolutely stunning. The gold that the couples' rings were composed of was mined from the earth by the groom's father and saved for this special occasion. Talk about sentimental value!

Here's the whole crew, babies and all, before popping champagne to celebrate the newlyweds! It's like "icing on the cake" the groom said, of sealing the deal on their marriage.

Maybe we just need more Australians around to make America cool again! Joking...or am I?!