Michelle Edgemont-Florist

I worked with Michelle at Elise and Mitch's wedding at The Liberty House in Brooklyn.  She was so talented!  She had the best boutonniere's I've ever seen.  Here's a few shots of her work.  Check out her website for all of your floral needs.

Michelle Edgemont
Phone: 646-553-1594
Email: michelle@michelleedgemont.com
Website: http://michelleedgemont.com

Ring Warming Ceremony

Often times couples like to include a unity ceremony into their wedding.  There are many unique ways to do unity ceremonies for celebrations big and small but this one is a perfect way to include your guests into your ceremony.  It makes for a very inclusive element of the ceremony and further connects the couple with their loved ones in attendance.  

The idea is simple: the officiant makes an announcement prior to the start of the wedding to explain that the wedding bands will be passed around to each guest during the ceremony.  Just prior to the ring exchange, guests are invited to hold the ring and to silently offer a blessing or wish for the newlyweds, then pass them on to the next guest.  Once everyone has had a turn, the rings are returned to the officiant for the ring exchange.  This intimate exchange injects all of the loving energy of the couple’s friends and family into the rings that they’ll be wearing for a lifetime. 

Creative, inclusive and simple, this makes a great addition to weddings!

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

Here's a list of 5 creative ways to incorporate eco-friendly wedding ideas into the planning for your big day!  Find 5 more ideas from this great article by Better Homes and Gardens.

#1 Rings
When it comes to choosing a ring, make sure to use jewelers who are green friendly.  More an more, jewelers are using recycled gold and fair-labor gemstones.  To make sure you are not purchasing a "blood diamond," ask your jeweler about the origin of the stone.  Check out Artisan Wedding Rings to see the broad variety of options available for choosing an eco-friendly ring.  

#2 Menu
Ask your caterers if they can provide vegetarian and organic entrees.  Also consider what you are dining on.  If your location doesn't provide dishes, consider renting them to avoid using disposable plates.

#3 Favors
Instead of favors, let your guests know that you have donated a specified amount per guest towards your favorite environmental organization.

#4 Vendors
Choosing area vendors is a great way to keep the transportation emissions low and support local economies.  

#5 Dress
Though your wedding dress may be your most treasured item of your wedding, there are many ways you can be eco-friendly when it comes to choosing a dress.  First is the age-old tradition of wearing your mother's or grandmother's dress.  Take it to a local seamstress to transform it into your own special dress.  If you can't imagine wearing your mom's gown, check out charities such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, where you can buy or donate a dress.  All proceeds go to support women with breast cancer.

Life Coach/Bridal Coach Megan Moran is wonderful

As a student of the Martha Beck Life Coaching program, Megan Moran helps people achieve their goals so they can lead happier and more balanced lives.  After planning her own wedding in the spring of 2013, she realized how much brides could benefit from a Life Coach who focuses on brides and came up with the concept of Bridal Coaching.  Within months of her wedding, she started Something New Coaching with the idea that the moments leading up to the wedding day should be happy, joyful and calm.  Coaching is like having a personal trainer for the soul and Megan works with brides to:

*Discover their priorities  *Deal with the emotion of the details  
*Conserve energy  *Let go of unrealistic expectations  
*Maintain positive relationships  *Focus on the big picture  
*Deal with difficult personalities  *Come up with new approaches  
*Take time out  *Ask for help  *Breath through it all  
*Find and maintain bridal Zen

For more information, please visit:  http://www.somethingnewcoaching.com/#!bridal-coaching/cr2d
Megan can be reached at: (917) 464-3578, somethingnewcoaching@gmail.com.

Agaton Strom-Photographer

Agaton Strom 


One of the best photographer's I've had the pleasure of doing a ceremony with. I also hired him for my own family portraits as I was so impressed with his work, personality and prices. He is such a joy to work with and has a variety of professional photographic experiences which shape his work. He can be contacted through his site and make sure you mention OfficiantNYC referred you!

Check out some samples of his work below!

Photos by:

Kristy May Photographer

I love working with Kristy May. She is a great photographer.  I have worked with her many times and everyone loves her work.  She is so positive and professional.  I would highly recommend her to any couple.
~ Kimberly Worley

Kristy May Photography likes to keep it classic, fun and as natural as possible. Unique locations and celebrations inspire us to do our best work. We love black and white and high quality custom albums and prints.  We are based in Brooklyn, New York, but frequently travel around the Northeast and to our hometown of New Orleans. 

Kristy May Photography 

Best Violinist

I had the privilege to hear Aurora play the solo violin at a wedding in Fort Tyron Park this summer.  She is a beautiful and talented 8 year old, who can play a variety of classical music.  The couple heard her playing in a park in NYC one day and wanted her to play at their wedding.  She was very professional, beautiful, and talented.  I would love to work with her again.  If you would like to contact her, you may call her mother Rosemary at 917-340-9788.  Her email is rosecaviglia@yahoo.com.  

In Celebration of our LGBT Couples!

We are so excited that we are one step closer to marriage equality following the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding DOMA and Prop 8.

We look forward to the day when all couples who are in love are able to marry freely in all fifty states.

Until then, we will continue to celebrate the joining of two unique individuals in marriage, regardless of sexual orientation, here in New York.

Battery Gardens

Robin and Chad's wedding at Battery Gardens overlooked a beautiful view of the sunset over the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty.  The ceremony was a wonderful combination of both Chad and Robin's cultures, with traditional Scottish outfits and a breaking-of-the-glass ceremony.

Guests arrived and were greeted by this gorgeous panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty.

Robin and Chad hold hands and say their vows before their 100 guests. 

The plaid-clad bridal party look on as Robin and Chad prepare to exchange rings. 

Wagner's Cove

Wagner's Cove is a beautiful wedding spot in Central Park.  It is a quaint nook close to the West 72nd Street entrance complete with a gazebo that overlooks a small pond.  It was an absolute pleasure officiating Bob and Diana Weissman's wedding ceremony at this location.  The ceremony included handwritten vows, a heartfelt reading about love written by the groom, and the couple's closest friends and family.  

Bob and Diana prepare to say their vows to each other.

The newlyweds seal the ceremony with a passionate kiss!

A gorgeous photo of the newlyweds on Bow Bridge.

Perfect timing- the rain waited until the ceremony and photos were over.

Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Wedding @ Rebar in Brooklyn

Hollywood Film Noir Themed Wedding
Themed Weddings are always a pleasure to do. As seen here, Rick and Stephanie have a Hollywood Film Noir Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn

Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Themed wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
Rebar is a unique location for indoor weddings. It is located in the heart of Dumbo Brooklyn and offers a variety of options for catering.
Hollywood Film Noir Themed Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
If you have a special theme in mind, don't hesitate to ask us to dress to style!
Rick and Stephanie's Hollywood Film Noir Wedding at Rebar in Brooklyn
What makes themed weddings so special is that the ceremony is a lot of fun not only for the bride and groom and their guests, but for us as well!

Central Park Location - Gapstow Bridge

Perhaps one of the most photographed areas of the park are the grounds surrounding Gapstow Bridge. Just inside the park's southeast entrance, Gapstow Bridge sits nestled among the skyscrapers of New York City.

This lovely stone bridge offers quintessential New York views with the Plaza Hotel in the background. Designed by Architect Jacob Wrey Mould and originally built of wood in 1874 it was replaced in 1896 with the stone bridge we see today. Gapstow Bridge is the perfect place for small intimate weddings any season of the year.
In order to get married in Central Park you do not need a permit, unless you have over 20 people in your party.  The permit is $25.  For more information on Central Park locations, ceremony information and our wedding officiant services please call us at 347-268-1331 or go to our website www.officiantnyc.com


You don’t often associate the word “surprise” with the word “wedding.”  In fact, I imagine most people try to minimize the number of surprises that come their way on their wedding day.  But for two of the couples that I had the pleasure of marrying this past October, “surprise” was the theme and, in both cases, the surprises were a big hit. 

Christine & Cathy
Little did Christine and Cathy’s siblings know that when they were invited to Razzie’s Restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens to celebrate the couple’s tenth anniversary, they were also being invited to attend their sisters’ wedding!  But that’s exactly what was in store.  A few minutes before their guests arrived, Cathy and Christine walked in wearing identical off-white satin cocktail dresses and pearls.  And, as their family members arrived to attend what they thought would be a lovely seated dinner to toast the couple’s ten years together, Cathy and Christine let everyone in on the surprise:  they were getting married!  THAT NIGHT!

That’s right -- Cathy and Christine threw their own surprise wedding (very Julia Roberts and Danny Moder for you celebrity followers out there).  The wedding was a beautifully intimate affair.  The room was dimly lit with candles and the alter was decorated with pictures of Cathy and Christine’s parents on their wedding days.  Guests were inspired by Christine’s sister, a courageous breast cancer survivor, who read Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians during the wedding, and, after the ceremony, the couple and their guests joined one another at the same, large table for celebratory cocktails and dinner.  

Tommy & Jeff
After 13 years together, Tommy and Jeff were looking forward to getting married in New York City on 10/11/12.  Hailing from Mississippi, the couple originally planned to marry at City Hall with three of their friends in attendance.  Little did Tommy and Jeff know that their friends were putting together something a little more special for their wedding day and planned to surprise Tommy and Jeff with their very own Central Park wedding! 

Realizing that many of their friends and family would be unable to attend their wedding in New York City, Tommy and Jeff planned a pre-wedding reception in late September back in Mississippi to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.  And it was at this party that their friends surprised Tommy and Jeff with an invitation to their own wedding on October 11, 2012 at Central Park’s Wagner Cove.  I could hardly wait to reach out to the grooms directly and get started on their ceremony – in fact, I put an alert in my calendar that reminded me the day after the party that it was “Okay to contact Jeff & Tommy, NOW!” 

In Conclusion...
Cathy and Christine surprised their siblings with their wedding and in doing so, found a creative and exciting way to share their ceremony with those closest to them.  Jeff and Tommy’s friends wanted to give Jeff and Tommy something more than a City Hall ceremony, and in doing so, gave them a memorable New York City wedding in one of the most romantic spots this city has to offer.   Though perhaps a bit unconventional, the surprises behind these two weddings only added to the specialness of Cathy and Christine’s, and Tommy and Jeff’s wedding days!

Luke and Suzanne's Ceremony and Beautiful Wedding Video

Luke and Suzanne had a beautiful ceremony in Central Park this summer.  They made a beautiful video with their GoPro camera and wedding photos.  I loved it and wanted to share.

Suzanne also had balloons instead of a bouquet.  Such a great idea and looked beautiful in the photos.

Unity in Glass

I love this wedding idea.  The blending of the different colors of glass symbolized the blending of the different and distinctive personalities coming together as one family through the marriage union of Gailyn and Carl.  The glass pieces, added by the members of their families, will be sent to a glass artisan who will create a unique, hand-crafted glass sculpture from all the different colors of glass that have been added to the vase today.  It will serve to capture the spirit today of love, acceptance and new beginnings, and be a reminder for Gailyn and Carl that their life, while now one, is made rich from the gifts of all their combined famiy.